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Yes indeed! It’s advised to update content regularly, google and all other search engines compliment websites which are updated frequently. Client’s are advised to frequently add content such as new reviews, photos as well as update prices of their products and services.

You can contact us to request the change or you can simple log into your admin area and make the change yourself – it’s very easy to grasp and a custom video for your site will be sent should you decide to update content yourselves. This custom video will show you how to use the admin area.

Yes, from the point of handover. We will take the old website and create a full rebuild of your new site. 

If you wish to maintain your current website look and simply change your web-designer to us. We will rebuild the exact same site from beginning to end with no custom code.

Every site build by us is made in up to date code, and in the event you decide to change designers. The handover from us to them will be straightforward – hassle and code free.

This depends on the volume of projects in our queue, but we typically send our customers a preview link 1-2 weeks after the initial payment has been made.

  • 1 page site (Up to 5 sections): Delivered within 24hours
  • 4 page sites: Within 48hours
  • 5 -10 pages: 3-5 working days
  • 10+ pages: 14-28 Days (Length of build will vary to number of pages and blogs)

Yes, you can download a backup of your website. You can do this via your hosting (providing you select the backup package), alternatively this can be done and sent over to you at a charge.

There is a fee of £25 for each backup and download sent to you.

Prices are not listed on this website as each site is a custom job. We have a competitive pricing strategy which is flexible and will attempt to apply discounts where possible.

Our prices can start as low £120 for simple one page sites going to the many thousands for the larger sites. Average page costs vary between £30-150/per page. The variations differ on content and the build complexity of optional items used within the page(s).

Email: hello@webandcloud.co.uk or call 07742765140 with your plan and we can discuss further, in detail.

Updates to plugins and general maintenance of site – £120 per year or £10 per month – this is optional.

Our build fee does not include, domain, hosting and SSL. This is a simple process you can choose to do, alternatively we can set this up for a fee of £30 (additional to your hosting package price plan).

Average hosting SSL from Godaddy or 123-Reg

  • Hosting average business price: £120-50/ year
  • SSL: £50 – 70/ year
  • Domain varies from: £0.99 – unlimited.

Average Prices (Inc. All Hosting SSL costs):

Freelancer small site 1-5 pages total cost – £275-600

Small business simple sites 4-10 pages: £450-1000

10+ pages starting £600 

We do not charge VAT.

We have a separate price list for creative direction:

Wireframe mock ups, content writing and photography sourcing to build your design.

Please email your requirements directly.

This is charged as a step by step “build process” and can sometimes use external suppliers and freelancers.

Your website will be build via wordpress content management system.

Inside wordpress another tool elementor builder a professional web builder platform used by 4.5+ million designers. You will be on our pro agency licence key. Developer licence (normal price of $49 per single site).

Yes, we offer discounts selective website – depending on build complexity.

General Rule: The larger the site, the larger the discount.

Yes, we price match against other companies and individual freelance web-designers.

If you get quotes from similar designers. We will aim to match like for like and in many circumstances, attempt a further reduction. 

All businesses require some form online presence upon social media. Whatever your business size and budget, we will build you a great looking website that will help you connect with your existing and future clients.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

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