Here you will find out the necessary steps you will need to take in order to achieve the perfect site for your business.




    Browse the net and gather three sites you like the general theme and look of. Make a plan of how your content and images may fit with the look of those sites.


    Make a sketch on paper or powerpoint of how you would position the segments of your content.

2. The Technicals

  • Hosting & Domain

    Purchase domain - URL address of your site. Purchase hosting. It is advised to purchase both domain and hosting (including SSL - described below) from one provider. Recommended providers - 123 reg or Godaddy.

  • SSL

    Secure Sockets Layer. This is highly advisable if a professional site or business (especially if you are to take payments from customers). SSL is required for google recognition.


5. Contact Methods

  • Contact Form

    Social Links / Email / Telephone and positions of contact and links throughout the your site. Decide what you would like within your contact form; name, telephone, upload documents, and any other items (step by step form with prices /check list options are also available which can be incorporated within the contact form).

  • Social Icons & Share

    Decide on positions and locations of Social Media Icons e.g in Menu, Footer or side of page(s).

7. Additional Items

  • Pop Up forms, Download PDF brochure (other files), Decide if footer required, Newsletter subscribe, Menu items in footer, Instagram Feed, Motion Graphics, Table Of Contents and any other items.

8. Content

  • Images

    Select your images to correspond with which pages and sliders. Send images in High Resolution. Save the image file name with your brand or business name and description of image within the filename title of image(s).

  • Video

    Self Hosted or Youtube Links - where to position on each page.

  • Content Text

    This is the CORE and most crucial element of your site. Plan correctly where, which text fits correctly around your site pages. Check your content thoroughly, have the content professionally proof read. Pricing strategies (if any), confirm with yourself the final prices and sales (sales). Categorise the content accordingly to the corresponding pages and images.

9. Zip & Send


Reach for your pen and paper or your word document. Note the points which has been written here and get planning.

Prioritise on content

Images, colours, Choose your fonts: Select Menu Items Social Links / Email / Telephone Video Links Proof read text ready to go.

The Extras

Additional Options: Pop Up forms if any Download PDF / other files Decide if footer required Newsletter subscribe Social links or menu items in footer Instagram

Final Folder

Create your website folder categorised for pages and instructions. Zip file ready to email over wetransfer.

Remember to send sketches or link of desired site to mimic

All businesses require some form online presence upon social media. Whatever your business size and budget, we will build you a great looking website that will help you connect with your existing and future clients.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

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